General Terms and Conditions.

*The following conditions apply to Sivara saddle fitting service.

* Saddles purchased online are shipped exclusively via, after payment you will of course receive the track and trace number.

   Shipping via is at your own risk.

* Saddles bought online will not be taken back! When there is a damage or remark on the saddle it is always mentioned on the website. It is your own risk if the saddle does not fit, or you do not feel comfortable in it.

* For saddles that are tried on at home, you have 2 days to return the saddles, however, in the same condition as purchased.

* I am not liable for damage or injury to the article purchased by you.

 * We have a pin machine so you can pay for the saddles at home directly with the pin. 

* Saddles purchased online can be paid with a payment link sent by Sivara, or wire transfer.

* I am not responsible for the horse you bring to try on the saddles, we assume a correct and well trained horse.

* Your details are for our own administration only.

* Pictures and texts may not be copied, these are the property of Sivara.


* For Sivara service its office work the following conditions apply:

* Assignments are paid exclusively by invoice with a payment term of 7 days.

* New assignments have one week probationary period.

* I am not responsible and liable for the clients of my clients.

* Client information may not be shared with third parties.