On our beautiful location in the countryside of Bourtange, we also have a number of shelters and paved areas with plenty of pasture for our Friesians, Fellpony's and Fjords and a large part of pasture with shelter for our Shetlanders.

We do not have a boarding stable, riding school, or training stable and we do not breed either. We only have our horses for our own use and it is pure hobby and activity.


Our horses live in a herd and are together 24/7 and can therefore meet their natural needs. 

We also have a group facility for the horses where they have the choice to stand in 2 shelters, a large paddock or a pasture, but often they prefer to stand together.

As soon as the horses are about 3/4 years old we start with ground work and small tasks.

And when they are about 5 years old we start making our horses saddle-broken, and training them for the carriage.

We try to keep our horses as natural as possible, I keep the hooves of the horses and once in a while the farrier comes by. 

Our horses are checked by the veterinarian every year and more often if necessary.